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WinDays 2016

Apr 27, 2016

ReactJS, Babel.js, TypeScript, Cross platform development...

We had total of FIVE sessions!

Should you React? – Ivan Varga
TypeScript vs Babel.js – Vedran Marsic
.NET Core – all you need to know – Petar Kovacevic
Azure Functions – Bruno Kovacic
Multiplatform development – Petar Kovacevic

Global Azure Bootcamp Zagreb

Apr 16, 2016

Azure IaaS, App Service, Microservices and Azure Machine Learning

Global Azure Bootcamp is a community event held in almost 170 locations worldwide. One full day of Azure related sessions, brought to you by well-recognized local experts. Axilis hosted instance of Global Azure Bootcamp in Zagreb.

Advanced Technology Days 11

Nov 19, 2015

.NET Core - all you need to know

Advanced Technology Days 11

Nov 18, 2015

How to choose a correct Azure service for your project?

DevUG Zagreb

Sep 23, 2015

Apache Cordova 101

Ivan will be talking about Cordova basics and explaining when and how you should use it. Details at DevUG Zagreb.

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Axilis AngularJS hackathon

Feb 28, 2015



Should you React?

Jun 28, 2016


React, Facebook’s Javascript library for creating user interface, often gets skipped when compared to other Javascript MV* frameworks, like Angular, because it only covers the view part of MV*. This doesn’t really make the decision easier when it comes to selecting React for your next project or not. If you are having the same doubts, join Ivan Varga on his next MSCummunity talk about React in Zagreb.

To learn more about jsx, components and React Native as well as the React development cycle save your spot here and hear about Ivan’s first hand experience.

Slides are available at SlideShare, source code at GitHub as well as live demo.

Ionic 2 – Rethinking how a Mobile Toolkit Should Work

May 12, 2016

With Ionic being a huge success and the backbone for more than 1.2 million apps the Ionic team went back to square one and rethought how it should work. With improved performance and ease of use you will be able to build beautiful apps which are easy to maintain and your clients will love. Ivan Karacic will brief us about it. You’re welcome to join us.

Source code from session is available at GitHub and video in croatian on YouTube.

Building Bots With Microsoft Bot Builder

May 5, 2016

In this session Zvonimir Ilić will explain how to integrate AI to build useful, conversational bots with Microsoft Bot Framework. Care to join?

Angular 2 – What’s New, What’s Gone, What’s Different?

Apr 21, 2016

Building on the lessons learned with Angular, Angular 2 introduces a new way of building web applications. Join us on meetup by Ivan Karacic to learn more about it.

Source code from this session is available on GitHub and recording in Croatian language on YouTube.


Apr 7, 2016

Strange things are happening in Microsoft last couple of years. Many technologies are being opened to the community and under the .NET Foundation you are able to take part in their forming and development. ASP.NET Core is one of the newer members of this family. Fast, agile, open source and cross-platform – everything a modern web framework should be. Join us with Petar Kovačević and find out is it a right time to be seeing your projects on this new stack.

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JavaScript School

May 21, 2016

ES6 JavaScript

Second workshop is now behind us. Ivan spoke about the new ES6 JavaScript concepts and how we can all use them today! Next up: NodeJS.

JavaScript School

May 14, 2016

JavaScript Basics

Awesome first day! Petar explained JavaScript basics and lead participants through a couple of hands-on exercises.

KulenDayz 2015

Sep 4, 2015

Azure Cloud Camp

Petar and Bruno held a full day workshop about building cloud apps with Azure.