ATMs with a social component

ATM Croatia is the first and currently only Windows Phone application that helps you to find ATMs in Croatia. The application contains locations and addresses of over 3500 ATMs from various Croatian banks. To make users happier we added some nice extra features along with main functionality. Thus, users can get directions to selected ATM, use application without internet connection but also add new ATM and confirm or report existing ATMs that no longer exist.


Except from Windows Phone client application, we built back-end as a custom REST service using Microsoft ASP.NET Web API that helped us support functionality such as add, confirm or report ATMs. Also, because of the REST service feature we don’t need to publish new application to the Windows Phone store every time when the database is updated.
For displaying ATM geographic location we used new Maps API for Windows Phone 8 (uses Nokia Maps) that gives us a really nice feature – offline maps. This way user can use the application without internet connection.
The whole application data model and infrastructure is built to be shared between Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT/8 platform so there is only need to manage one codebase.