Case Manager

Leading small law office management app

Voted best Android Application for Lawyers in 2013, CaseManager is a simple and easy to use law practice management system.

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Changing the habbits

Ultimate law office app built to change the pen & paper mentality of old school law firms. The simple, elegant and secure solution that still accepts handwritten notes. Intended for field use this app had to be ubiquitous, work seamlessly on mobile, tablet or desktop, and be lightning fast.

Finished product was so much more than we (and the client) expected:



Native and cross-platform

Use CaseManager on any device you like. It will run smoothly and be lightning fast, as it is a native cross platform application built on Xamarin platform

Secure sensitive paperwork

Built to work with your Dropbox account CaseManager keeps sensitive information safe, for your eyes only.

Simple to use

Keep track of 8 case related information streams in real time and have them ready in a tap, when and where you need them

Powerful organization tool

Organize your contacts and calendar, get reminders based on your tasks or events and even keep track of expenses and billable hours, all searchable and printable


Import documents

Import all case-related documents and photos from e-mail, iTunes or most cloud storage sites.

Pen and paper too, if you want to

If you prefer writing by hand, you can write your notes using a stylus or a finger.