Reshaping enterprise software


EPAC is a well-recognized maintenance management solution. It has been successfully serving different industry verticals for more than a decade.

“Enterprise software is complex”

Enterprise software is complex, especially if it’s been live for more than a decade.

We partnered with EPAC to help them reshape their current software and build new mobile applications.


Joining a big, more than a decade old project is not an easy mission. Our team did a series of workshops with EPAC, trying to understand all business aspects of the software.


It’s a known rule that rewriting an existing application takes exactly as much it took to build it the first time. Obviously, that was not an option.

We had to find a different approach.

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Divide & Conquer

We proposed a long-term process of decoupling the application to a series of smaller apps.

Each app would focus on one role of people using it – managers, technicians, staff etc.

The Strategy

Different roles use different devices on their day to day basis.
Managers have their PCs in front of them, technicians just a mobile phone, while others don’t even have a personal device they could use for maintenance management software.


More than an App

Technicians using EPAC software enter information for hundreds of assets per day. Scanning barcodes is quicker, but using a phone camera is too slow.

We built support for Honeywell sleds.

“Native iOS + Honeywell sled = fast and smooth app for maximum productivity

New Shape

With our guidance and help, EPAC is now running a couple of user focused applications, giving their clients a much better user experience.

Apps were built using latest technologies and processes that make them easy to maintain and keep up to date.

Following our recommendation, EPAC switched to a subscription model instead of selling licenses. That change enabled them to have more predictable cash flow and lead their switch into services oriented company.


developed for
15 years

  • 24 Projects
  • +50k Lines of Code

Partnering with Axilis has improved our development stability in both web development and mobile development. The professionalism we have received has made this partnership extremely easy to work with. The level of support and guidance we have received from the Axilis team has been a great value and has really pushed us in the right direction for success. Their ability to convert our wants and needs into an outstanding product has been a game changer for us in the mobile market as well as our core web product. Here at EPAC we value this great partnership we have with Axilis and owe a great deal of our success to them!

James Milano James Milano, Operations Manager