Web shop that learns and improves sales by itself

Custom built ERP and CRM software tied in with machine learning gathers user data and create predictive behavior models.

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Building a smart web shop

Running a web shop in today’s eCommerce world might seem like a daunting task. If you want to be ahead of the competition, innovation must be constant. We helped create a smart web shop that knows when and what to recommend to customers, creating a pleasant user experience and improving retention (as well as learning WHY a client left).

What does our web shop do?


Collects data

Gathering data during various stages of the purchase process, as well as during the browsing allows for building predictive mathematical models of customer behavior patterns that lead to better sales.

Analyzes user interactions

Everything a user does on the page is logged and filed. Comparing their interactions over time to other users who bought similar goods provides usable patterns that show not only what customers like, but what they might need in the future.

Makes useful recommendations

Once the clients get used to a superior recommendations engine, which knows their tastes and gives them useful recommendations and special offer reminders, they are not going to settle for a lesser user experience. They are yours forever!

Predicts buyer events

Figure out which of your customers are likely to churn and deploy automated countermeasures, creating special offers that might retain these particular customers or at least figure out what made them leave so you can prevent further churn.

How we built it?

What started out as a fitness blog quickly grew into a web shop selling nutritional supplements for sports – now a core business. Relying on our custom built ERP and CRM software tied in with machine learning, that gathers the user data and creates predictive behavior, models.