What is Konzum Online?

Konzum application is the simplest and quickest way for online shopping in Croatia. By using this application you have access to more than 20 000 items directly from your kitchen. You can use the Konzum app to find the closest Konzum store according to your location (for tourists in Croatia or residents), whether you are in car or on foot – application provide directions to the chosen store through an interactive map. The application has a built-in barcode scanner so you can quickly make a new order using just your PC or tablet camera. There are also many cool features like promotions, order templates and favorites list. The app is avaliable in Croatian, English and German language.

Konzum Surface

What technologies did we use?

This application is built for the Windows 8 operating system and it leverages the full power of the new Windows RT runtime. Because of that this application is avaliable to your tablet or PC at home. The application supports many new features of Windows 8 like live tiles, application contracts and search charms. We integrated geographic data using Bing maps. The application also takes advantage of the new asynchronous pattern available in Windows 8 which provide user with great experience through the whole time of the application usage.