Making SharePoint easy to consume

One of the problem with SharePoint 2010 is lack of full support for API that can be easily used from platform other than Windows.

If you want to build a mobile application that accesses your SharePoint files from iPhone or Android you can easily be stuck with complicated SOAP messages used for communication with SharePoint server. There is some support, but unfortunately only limited, for Restful API in SharePoint 2010. Our client FotoIn wanted solution that provides full Restful support for handling document libraries on SharePoint instances using Android and iOS platforms.


FotoIn Mobile SharePoint Connector is a custom SharePoint Solution Package (WSP) that provides a Restful interface for SharePoint storage. Backend of this WSP consist of WCF service that has REST endpoints for all the major SharePoint operations. Finally, there is a full API support for all file and folder operations and some additional ones like automatic thumbnail generation.

Using this WSP you can access your existing SharePoint (document library, lists etc…) through REST interface so it can be easily used from any device or platform.

To consume this Restful service you can leverage your existing SharePoint credentials (Basic, NTLM, Kerberos, Forms or Anonymous). There is no need for any kind of configuration. Installation is quick and easy so you can bring your SharePoint files to any platform or device in a couple of minutes.

Accessing SharePoint from FotoIN application was a real pain for us. Axilis turned all that into a very simple REST service and enabled us to be more productive.
Ivan Klaric, CTO