On the fly delivery powered by friends, family and neighbors


The Brief

How many times you forgot to get the milk from a grocery store and hoped there’s someone who could pick it up for you?

StorkIt tackles that problem.


“Launch on time and budget”

One of the key elements of a successful MVP

MVP Validation

With only two and a half months to launch, following our advice, StorkIt made a smart move and went with a really minimal MVP to validate their solution.

We quickly began sketching out the ideas and deciding upon key functionalities.

Wireframe Wireframes


We had to launch quickly and cover both iOS and Android. Our choice was a hybrid approach so we developed the app using Ionic framework.

To be efficient, we first started setting up a proper development and collaboration environment.


MVP Launch

StorkIt MVP had a successful launch which gave us all a wind in the back to hammer it on.

What’s next?
Extend functionality that we scoped out in MVP and improve the app using the feedback we got from early-adopters.


2 Months Later

Received many insights from early-adopters. Improved user flow and interactions. Created a new set of wireframes based on new ideas we had.

With complete revamped UI. Improved user flow and interactions. Created a new set of wireframes based on new ideas we had.


V2 Launch

We launched StorkIt V2 with full functionality and new, improved UX and visual design.

Eager to solve your delivery problems?

App Store
Google play


The backend was built using Parse. Since Parse is retiring in January 2017, we had to make a plan regarding that. As we wrote on our blog post, we decided to go for a full-blown Node backend conversion. There’s no rush, but we like to plan ahead.

StorkIt is doing great and a lot of new features are in our queue. Stay tuned!

Having partnered with Axilis since the startup stage StorkIt has received tremendous support, guidance, execution and value. Designing, building. launching and gaining traction within the mobile tech space is no small feat and we attribute much of our early-stage success to the entire Axilis team.

Matt Young Matt Young, StorkIt CEO