Building open source software

We developed a .NET library for our client TelAPI that simplifies interaction with their API. TelAPI is a platform that you can leverage to create voice calls and SMS applications – whether on a mobile device, computer or integrated into traditional phone systems.

TelAPI .NET library makes adding voice and SMS functionality to your applications fun and seamless. There is support for using this library on .NET framework 3.5, 4 and 4.5 so you can use it from your ASP.NET web site or a Windows 8 application. Library is open source and you are free to fork the repository and submit your pull requests.

Library consist of two main projects, one consumes TelAPI REST application interface and one that generates InboundXML messages that enable you to control incoming phone calls.
For more information and possibilities of the TelAPI platform and .NET library you can visit TelAPI’s documentation. Also if you are interested in the source code, you can download it from TelAPI’s .NET GitHub repository.

Library can be used on Windows machines using Visual Studio or Mac/Linux environments using Mono, a cross platform .NET development framework.


Where to see it?

We write awesome code. Feel free to explore it in a GitHub repository: