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What you need to know is that we're always curious & don't stop there. Knocking it out of the park with high-performance betting platforms, we're adding a new dimension to the sports betting experience. And you can easily spot us, just search for yellow!

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Trading Products

When you open Superbet apps, everything you see is done by people from Trading. They build, monitor, and control betting offers. Making sure changes happen swiftly and on time since every sub-second latency costs millions.

If you join this team you will be handling tens of thousands of current requests from different countries and markets, as well as gigabytes of streaming data for every live event.

What to expect

  • Beat latencies between an event and the price update down to a sub-second
  • Manage tens of thousands of concurrent clients for different markets with e hundreds of live events and gigabytes of data streamed
  • Funnel hundreds of sport event updates per second from multiple sport feeds adding new ones all the time
Trading Products
Team Players
Trading Products are Hiring!
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Our Values

  • When applied to every team member, it means you will be treated with as much respect as you show others. Question everything, tell us how to do it differently - as long as you don't throw blame around, but start a mutually beneficial exchange of skills and knowledge. Strong teams are built on different perspectives towards a common goal.

  • While each person on the team might be playing a different game it is important to remember we are on the same team when developing ideas, giving feedback or helping a coworker. No one is left behind.

  • Working in a fast-moving 24-hour live environment means you sometimes release code that is not perfect and fix it on the fly. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you improve it once the hurricane blows over.

  • Transparency lets us improve constantly and it works so great since everyone can give and receive feedback about anything. Open mind likes to hear the other side.

  • Knowledge increases by sharing not by hoarding so if you found a way to solve a thousand-year-old riddle, or a bug pestering us for weeks - tell everyone how you did it, so we all learn from your experience.

Our values
Internal projects

Internal affairs smell like team spirit

Code Cadets
The generations before you paved their way on the beautiful red fields of Mars. But the work is not done. That is why we are in need of a new Code Cadets fleet. Sounds like a mission for your taste?
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  • Chch
    Every Thursday afternoon we gather around in the lounge area and hold "chit chat" or ChCh(Chatting on Thursdays or ćaskanje četvrtkom - the Croatian form). Non-obligatory, but so much fun, the topics range from technology related to coffee brewing from our very own office coffee connoisseur.
  • Cooltnt
    Found an interesting article? Watched a good talk? Or just learned a new keyboard shortcut? Why not present it to your colleagues, they might find it interesting as well. Did we already mention we got bitten by the knowledge sharing bug?
  • Team sessions
    In order to ensure enough time for team development and knowledge sharing, each of our teams have their own sessions: for example, designers have their UX tea party where they can discuss kerning, while QA team joins forces on their QA weekly extravaganza where they can judge without the judgmental looks of the others.:)
Awards we won

Setting new standards of quality

  • Deloitte
    Technology Fast 50 CE 2016
  • Deloitte
    Technology Fast 50 CE 2015
  • Croatian Chamber of Commerce
    Zlatna Kuna 2017
  • Croatian Exporters' Association
    Zlatni Ključ 2021
  • MojPosao
    Best Employer in Croatia 2021
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