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Greetings Cadet! Or shall we say - Codet. The generations before you paved their way on the beautiful red fields of Mars. But the work is not done. That is why we are in need of a new Code Cadets fleet. Sounds like a mission for your taste?
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Code Cadets

5 free workshops

May 8 - June 5

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Used by Netflix, Uber, and Facebook; Golang is the programming language of the future.

Did you know it was used to develop Docker & Kubernetes?

Easy to learn, concise, expressive and readable.

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May 5
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Should I apply?

Are you a computer science or software engineering student missing practical knowledge? Is software development your biggest passion? Wanna Go fluent?

If yes - you're in the right place!

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Who is this for?

Computer science students or software engineers looking to polish their skill and sharpen it into a tool.

If you know Golang but lack a chance to exercise it - why not come practice with experienced developers, who work on a real-time project with a global audience.

Go, Golang, gone if you don't apply now

May 8 - Jun 5


Hello Go
Install the tools and take a look at the basics of Go, learn where Go differs when compared to other languages. Write a simple Go program and run it to start the Go journey.
Go specifics
After writing your first Go program, let's take a deep dive into language specifics. This lecture will teach you about application structure, interfaces, and how to write safe & concurrent code
Building a concurrent message processing service
Build an application capable of processing thousands of input requests in near real-time by applying advanced concurrency patterns.
Building an HTTP server
Learn the basics of HTTP servers and their usage in real-world applications. By the end of the session, you will know how to develop and use an HTTP server as well as how to handle different requests/responses/errors and many more.
Designing data-intensive applications
Learn about various software design patterns and good practices in software engineering. Take a peek into microservice architecture and how to set it up. After all of this, you'll know how to implement the theory by using Go as your main tool.

Our experienced space commanders are here to guide you through the journey.

Now digital designs id anywhere atoms. Now strategy startups documents designs.

Marko is an engineer at Axilis. With over six years of experience building microservices (having done many mistakes along the way) and immense love for simplicity, he's most interested in how to build high-quality, highly-performant, and extensible software. He's one of the most experienced team leads with a large amount of both useful advice regarding software and sarcastic, witty remarks.

Marko Bekavac
Dominik Orešković
Sven Njegač
Vedran Pintarić
Luka Cvetković

Who are we and why are we doing this

As we are aware of the biggest problem youth is facing in the current market — lack of work experience — we are trying to guide them by organizing workshops that will help them make the first step in their career.

We are Axilis, the development company handling some of Superbets most innovative software solutions.

You could have a career with us, sure - we're always in a search of new forces - or you could just see this as an opportunity to learn something useful for your future career. Yes, it is practical work experience. Big, live projects and all that jazz.

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